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You're an entrepreneur who just started a business, a business owner with 10+ years under your belt, or someone who is working a side hustle... and you know you need a professional brand to stand out from your competitors. You want something original, a brand that is memorable to your target audience while having a great sense of versatility...

Does that sound about right??


I'm here to help you take your brand from well, nothing, or "My office assistant created this in Word about 10 years ago," to a professional, timeless, and target appropriate brand!


Hi, I'm Jodi!

At Broad Design Co. I wear a lot of hats (likely because I'm the only one here to wear them).


I'm the creative director, account manager, client service specialist, sales executive and accountant.

(I should really get some help with that last one!)

I have 7+ years of professional experience creating many new brand projects, and have given old brands a new look or upgrade. I pride myself in creating wonderful client relationships that help in the brand building process, and going above and beyond to make sure my client has a brand that they can truly be proud to call theirs. 

I'm also mom to my two littles, Landry (3 years) & Gentry (8 months), who keep me on my toes at all times... getting my steps in is never a challenge!

I love everything about water - hence my entire brand! Spending time on the beach by the ocean, and camping & boating at the lake are where I've made many of my favorite memories!


I'm an avid Gray's Anatomy fan (which makes me believe if you ever need a doctor, I'm your girl) and  I enjoy scrolling Instagram & Pinterest for brand & home design inspiration. 

Are you ready to work with someone who will be as committed to your success as you? Then go ahead, hit the button below!