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Crumb Bakery Website Design

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I could not have been more excited when my sister-in-law, Danielle, told me she was going to take her baking business side-hustle to full-time! I couldn't wait to get started on her website design. I also, fortunately, get to indulge in all the left over goodies, or the "out-takes" from her clients baked goods!

When I designed the Crumb Bakery logo about a year ago, Danielle and I discussed having a simple design for her logo, but still a fun, playful design that she wanted her brand to represent.

When it came to designing her website, we, of course, wanted to stay consistent in keeping that same fun, playful brand feel. I incorporated small "baking" elements throughout the website, with the mint green "frosting" smeared next to the large hero image and beside the baked goods she offers, the pink sprinkles next to the our story section, and my favorite part is the frosting dripping down into the footer section.

Crumb Bakery didn't need an extravagant multi-page website, but one where she could show the baked goods she offers, list her pricing on the menu, (which is the only additional page, the rest of the navigation takes you to that section on the homepage) and a form for potential customers to fill out and request orders. Of course, we added in social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) for people to check out real time what is happening at Crumb Bakery, and a link to Yelp so customers can leave her reviews!

Check out the Crumb Bakery website design below, and see the live version at And let me know what you think of my design!


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