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Three Years down!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Three years since becoming a full-time freelance graphic designer and I'm writing my first blog post. It's been a whirlwind of a first three years and I couldn't be more excited about where my business is heading. This first post is going to be a (quick) look back at my first three years.

I started in August of 2017, with a hope that I would gain some strong clients that would help me finish out 2017 strong and roll into 2018. Boy, did I get what I hoped for. I had an awesome client jump on board with me redesigning their brand, website and becoming their social media marketing guru. They found much success in the first several months after I jumped on board and happy to say I'm still working with that client today!

I have clients in all walks of business; home builders, insurance agencies, photographers, creative makers, investors, writers, real estate brokers & realtors, lawn care businesses, restaurants & bakeries, retail shops, hair salons, day cares, financial services, wineries, car washes and more! Check out my work on my portfolio page!

My personal life has brought many changes in the last 3 years as well. My husband, Alex, and son, Landry (then 2, now 4), found out we were welcoming a baby sister into the world in October of 2018, so we sold our house, moved into a camper all while remodeling our current home (moved in just in the knick of time before little sister, Gentry, was born!). Now she's soon to be celebrating her 2nd birthday in this house! We've made countless memories traveling to Mexico, Jackson Hole, many Florida trips, Bahamas, New Mexico & summer camping trips around Iowa.

2020 started out great for Broad Design Co, and I was excited for what the year was to bring. Turns out life had other plans and bam, the pandemic hit! We spent a lot of time at home as a family early this spring, so work wasn't my priority many of those days! This summer was spent working with kids yelling in the background and climbing up in my lap to see what mom was working on, but was *somehow* still a productive summer! Now that my Son is in preschool and my daughter is back in daycare, things are back to a routine and we're finding out what works for us!

I'm looking forward to what the future of Broad Design Co will bring, and I'm excited to start developing this blog into a space where I can share my words from business talks, social media tips, brand design love, all things travel, and welcome you into my world as an entrepreneur and mother of 2.


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